About Greg

Greg Stempfle has been involved in Michigan politics and the Libertarian Party for over 20 years. In that time, he has run for public office, been a campaign manager and treasurer, county chair and state party newsletter editor. When the Libertarian Partycropped-stempfle_photo1.jpg of Michigan qualified for the 2018 primary election for the first time, Stempfle chaired the committee that redrafted the party bylaws to bring them up to date with current Michigan election law. This experience has given him a unique insight into Michigan’s election and campaign finance laws and how to improve elections to make them more fair and representative of the voting public.

Stempfle has a BS in Clinical Laboratory Sciences and MS in Molecular Biology, both from Wayne State University. He currently works as a Medical Technologist in the Henry Ford Hospital System. He currently lives in Ferndale with his wife Shelly.

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