Gregory Stempfle, Libertarian for Secretary of State

Protect Voting Rights!

Reform Michigan Elections!

Repeal No Fault Auto Insurance!

While the Secretary of State is an administrative position and cannot change Michigan law, I will be a strong advocate for voting rights, election reform, and auto insurance reform. If you agree with my positions, please vote for Libertarian candidates for the Michigan Legislature and Governor, who ultimately have to power to make these necessary changes.

The most important responsibilities of the Secretary of State is to guarantee the fair administration of elections.

  • I will be a strong supporter of expanding voting rights and making the registration and voting process easier.
  • I will advocate for election reforms that will make our elected officials more representative of the voting public and expand the inclusion of independent and third party candidates.

The other major responsibility of the Secretary of State is overseeing vehicle registration, driver licensing, and auto insurance.

  • I will advocate for reforming Michigan’s no fault auto insurance requirement, reducing fees, and streamlining services.


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