Voting Rights

Voting Rights

As Michigan’s next Secretary of State, I will be a strong supporter of expanding voting rights and making the registration and voting process easier. Below are some voting reforms I support, which have all been successfully implemented in other states and increase voter turnout.


Absentee Voting for Any Reason

I support expanding the absentee voting program. All voters should be able to request an absentee ballot for any reason, including those who find themselves working long hours or unable to get transportation to the polls on Election Day. This would allow any voter to get their ballots early and spend a few weeks researching the candidates and proposals in the privacy of their own home and also help alleviate the problem of waiting in long lines that many voters face on Election Day.


Switch to a Mail in Ballot

I support switching to a mail in ballot for all the same reasons why all voters should be able to request an absentee ballot.  Mail in ballots have been shown to increase voter turnout in Washington and Oregon.


Automatic Voter Registration  

I support automatic voter registration. Under this system, eligible voters will be automatically registered to vote when visiting the Secretary of State or other government offices, unless that person declines. Twelve states and DC have automatic voter registration.


Same Day voter registration

I support allowing people, with proof of residency, to register to vote on Election Day and cast a provisional ballot.  Sixteen states and DC have automatic voter registration


Removal from Voter Rolls

The removal of anyone from the registered voter list will be done using the strictest of criteria.


Voter ID Laws

I oppose voter ID laws. Requiring the purchase of a state identification card in order to vote amounts to a poll tax.  If voter ID laws are implemented, I advocate for the state to provide free cards to those in need.



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